Private Couple Classes: you and your partner dance together at every class.

Private Single Classes: you dance with a dedicated instructor at every class.

We teach you various Social and Modern Jive Dance moves to equip you with fun survival moves for the dance floor on ANY TYPE of song! We will teach the male dancer to lead and the female dancer to follow and master their dance moves.

12  Gold Package                                                           2 Payments of R2 100 per month (R4 200)

12 x 1 hour private lessons creating a man of steel and a dream follower on the dancefloor. 

10 Platinum Package                                                     2 Payments of R1 850 per month (R3 700)

10 x 1 hour private lessons gives you enough time to look fabulous and confident!

8 Silver Package                                                            1 Payment of R3 120 upfront

8 x 1 hour private lessons will equip you to look good and feeling great on the dance floor.

6  Satin Package                                                              1 Payment of R2 520 upfront

6 x 1 hour private lessons for the short-of-time and quick learners who just want to add the flair…!

On-The-Go Package                                                        R450 per class

This package is tailor-made to suit your needs: 1 hour private lessons weekly with your own instructor. You decide how many hours you want to spend learning the x-factor of Sokkie.